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Pastoral Counseling

We are pleased to offer short-term pastoral counselling to any regular attender of CrossRoad church. Knowing how difficult it can get in times of distress, we make every effort to provide timely and confidential assistance based on your need and counselor availability. While it is never easy to seek help, we are honored to walk alongside you on your journey with biblically based and grace-centered pastoral counseling.

Through pastoral counseling we offer to help and give guidance from a biblical perspective.

We commit to providing you with the very best in counseling techniques and ethics from a biblically based perspective.

We commit to creating a caring and confidential environment so you can to take an honest look at yourself and your situation.

We commit to helping you grow spiritually as we help you discover solutions to resolve your problem.


We use a counseling approach that takes into account the spiritual, psychological, and social aspects of your situation. Using this holistic approach, we attempt to build a relationship with you based on mutual respect and cooperation. In all counseling, the goal is to work with you to move you toward a place where you are able to work through the issues of life without the assistance of a counselor.

Counseling can have many benefits, but it also presents certain risks. As you dig into the unpleasant areas of your life, difficult feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, anger, loneliness, and/or helplessness (among others) may surface. It is important to understand that this is all part of the healing process as you learn to cope with these feelings in a constructive way. This in turn will allow you to have more satisfying relationships, more effectively manage stress, and find more appropriate solutions to the problems you face. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee with regard to your specific counseling goals; however, we are fully committed to working with you to the best of their abilities through this process.


To make an appointment, contact Pastor Neels at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 021 280 0103. 


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