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From Founding Pastor Kurt:

Crossroad is a community fellowship based on the North Shore of Auckland. Founded in 2000 by Kurt and Inga Boyle.

The two key things that God gave to the pastor when we planted the church....

The greatest evangelistic tool we have is to love people with genuine unconditional love, both for the churched and for the non churched, I remember in my prayer time I said to the Lord what programme do we need to put into place to grow a church, He said two things 

1) Love people, in doing this we show them what it is to be a follower of Christ as the word says the world will know we are his disciples if we love one another, 

2) We were never to count the people, basically when David counted his fighting men he then limited God to the size of his army and resources, no longer would he confidently put his faith in God but in the size of his army, as churches we count our flock and then limited what God can do through us. 

We also push and believe that we are to be real people, that Christians should not be a holy huddle but rather a people who know how to keep their faith and impact the life of people they work with, play with and spend time with.

We are all real people that go through real struggles and have good times and bad but through it all we have a hope and a future that is secure. 

We are to be real people with a real future!

Founding Pastor Kurt


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